Veiled Watercolour
“Harvesting the Nectar”


Creative Personal Transformation through Holistic Counselling and Art Therapy, merging Spirit and Soul, the Individual with the Whole:

Life is always changing, and sometimes those changes bring experiences that are painful, challenging us to dig deeper, sit in the fire, and discover aspects of ourselves we didn’t know existed.

Can we take responsibility for the roles we play in our own life dramas or movie?
Can we set clear boundaries around healthy relationships for ourselves and others?
Can we find and make the best choices for ourselves, and reclaim our self esteem and human sovereignty?

Practical, creative, spiritual, and artistic skills bring a more balanced and calm breathing rhythm to our heart, mind, body and spirit, realigning our microcosmic individuality with the whole macrocosmic world.

In a one to one session, or by skype, we can explore your issue using:
Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work)
Holistic Biography Counselling
Fairytale Archetypes
Steiner based Art Therapy
Meditation and Creative Visualisation
Sacred Geometry Temple Templates
Inner Child Tarot cards and Intuitive Guidance

Each of these modalities can be focused on individually or in any combination depending on your intention and interest.
I also teach groups, and run workshops and classes at your place or mine.

I offer 30 years experience in private practise, professional, friendly, empathic, and confidential facilitation, conversation, spiritual and creative support, to help you deal with these changes and challenges occurring in your life.
My approach is deep, gentle, and focused on providing a safe healing environment for adults, children, and families to discover the gifts behind these challenging moments.
My wish is to help facilitate and intergrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual layers of your unique life, biography and destiny into long lasting conscious re-alignment.

My Qualifications include:
Diploma Applied Holistic Counselling (NSW Aust)
Diploma Kindergarten Teaching (NZ)
Certificate Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Teacher Training (Aust)
Certificates in:
Anthroposophical Art Therapy, Adult Education, Biography, Fairytale Archetypes.
Certificates in Biodynamic and Organic Gardening,
Certificates in Visual Arts, and Small Business Management(Aust)
Certificate Sacred Geometry Temple Template Healing(NZ)


As soon as we work with colour we bring our soul forces into movement with our life forces, and this changes our breathing and blood flow, quietens our nervous system, thinking, and digestion, bringing a healthier rhythm back into our physical body and emotions.
Creativity strengthens our imagination and intuition, and helps to reconnect us with our spiritual self or inspiration.
Observing Naure and the varied colours and forms around us, deepens our understanding and appreciation of our beautiful world outwardly and inwardly.
As a bonus we create beautiful works of art through playing with watercolour, pastels, charcoal, coloured pencils, and beeswax crayons.


I grow my own food using Permaculture, Organic and Biodynamic Gardening practices, and have 30 plus years of practical gardening experience.
I have designed, maintained, and set up Community and home gardens in New Zealand and Australia, and in 2015 designed and helped to set up a large organic restaurant garden using the BD preps, for One Tree Grill Restaurant, and Little Jimmys Bistro in Greenwoods Cnr in Auckland.
I hold regular workshops for anyone interested to learn how to make and apply some of the BD preparations 500, 501, compost preps, seaweed fertilisers, and Cow Pat Pit(CPP).These are held at your place or mine.

I offer individual home garden design, help with plant choices and layouts, cafe and restaurant consultations, and information about making seaweed and weed teas, companion planting, and using the BD preps.