If you would like help to design or create an organic garden using Biodynamic Preparations and Permaculture principles, help choosing suitable plants for your site, or setting up and maintaining a Community or Cafe Garden, please contact me for professional consultation and advice.

In March 2015 I designed, set up, and maintained an Organic Garden using Biodynamic Preparations and principles for One Tree Grill Restaurant and Little Jimmy Bistro in Epsom Auckland. The photos below show the progress over the last 18 months. Prior to that I have designed, set up and maintained many gardens including the Community Gardens for my previous business Vortex Creative Wellbeing Centre in Ellerslie in 2010-2012.

I grow my own food using Organic and Biodynamic Gardening practices, and have 30 plus years of practical gardening experience. I have designed, maintained, and set up Community and home gardens in New Zealand and Australia.
I hold regular workshops for anyone interested to learn how to make and apply some of the BD preparations 500, 501, compost preps, seaweed fertilisers, and Cow Pat Pit(CPP).These are held at your place or mine.

I offer individual home garden design, help with plant choices and layouts, cafe and restaurant consultations, and information about making seaweed and weed teas, companion planting, and using the BD preps.

Phone: +64211796471 Email: christinemoginie@gmail.com