Are you looking for a focused, clear, gentle process oriented journey into your future?
For 2 hours a week, over 7 weeks, you will explore your current life question through the eyes of the characters from your favourite Fairytales, inner guidance from the Inner Child Tarot cards, art, journalling, and guided visualisations.
Together we will focus on the 7 year cycles of your individual biography to see what is currently bubbling through the layers to be transformed.
Then for the next 5 weeks with my support, you will write your new life story/myth, showing you the clear pathway ahead in answer to your original question.

This process has been life changing for many people over the years. It is especially helpful for those who have already done a significant amount of inner work, are time poor, and ready to put together the nuts and bolts of a situation, without re traumatising themselves, or going back unnecessarily over old history.

“…it is our heart forces that are key to the true development of humankind. Through the humanizing power of our heart, we can engage our will, ennoble our feelings, and envision our thinking, to meet, understand, and wisely use these formidable forces.” Rudolf Steiner

An excerpt from a Lifemyth Fairytale….
“Once upon a time, a long time ago, a beautiful baby girl was born. Sadly, her mother didn’t want her, so she sent her away to her Grandparents to bring her up and care for her. She grew up within the family knowing that she was loved by her Grandfather, somewhat at odds with her Grandmother, and always with the feeling that she was somehow different to the others, and didn’t quite belong.

One day, the little girl, feeling very sad and lonely, wandered into a beautiful garden and sat down under a majestic and wonderful old tree that lived there. This was a favourite place, as the tree was a very special friend to her. After a while, she became aware that she was feeling quite different. Suddenly, she came over all warm and fuzzie, and realised, for the very first time, that she was feeling safe, nurtured, and really loved, in a way that she had never felt before. She also became aware that she was not on her own, OH NO! She was surrounded by a large group of shining beings, who, she remembered, were all old and very dear friends of hers from times long ago. She realised that they had always been with her, had always loved and supported her, no matter what, and that she had NEVER been on her own! It was such a happy and joy filled reunion that she just wanted to stay there forever and bask in it, but she now knew that all she had to do was think of them, and know that they were there with her. OH JOY!!…..”